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How an average gal from Vancouver, Canada turned her knowledge into a significant income stream using YouTube

...WITHOUT fancy video equipment, running ads or being a pro speaker.

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In this 30min video training, you will learn ...


  • How to leverage your expertise through video content to build your credibility and turn viewers into customers (without being salesy).
  • The 4 key pillars of building a profitable YouTube channel that attracts new customers and earns a monthly revenue all while helping others.
  • How to stay consistent with releasing videos on your channel regardless of how busy life gets (which is pretty much always!)
  • Why focusing on "getting more views" can actually be hurting your results on YouTube and what you should focus on instead.
  • ... basically what I did to grow my income to 5 figures per month - once I started taking YouTube seriously (and this can work for you regardless of what your passion is or what industry you're in!)

Who Are We?

Auret Esselen & Jewel Tolentino

Hi! 👋 Jewel & Auret here. 

We are full-time creative professionals & founders of Essetino Media.

We live & breathe YouTube because it's what allowed us to quit our 9-5 jobs and become the "Creative Director" of our own lives...all just by being ourselves and sharing our knowledge with others. 

In 2015, we officially launched our Youtube channel with a $30 flip cam and started creating tutorials for entrepreneurs on how to grow their business online.

Today, our channel has surpassed 51,000 subscribers with multiple revenue streams built in to produce 5 figures a month in revenue.

Whether it's through our tutorials, online course community or private coaching services, we absolutely love showing others the "ropes" on YouTube to grow an audience, create more impact and generate more revenue. 

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